Standard Electric

Standard Electric Needed a New Website.

Project Goals:

  • Create a new site with updated artwork and aesthetic.
  • Include a Staff directory section with name and email contact link.
  • Implement spam protection for contact form.
  • Client’s criteria: “Just want a design update so that we can feel good about showing our clients our web site.”


After speaking with the President of Standard Electric, it was understood that what he really wanted was a simple design update and aesthetic improvement. The site they had was built years ago, which would have been obvious to any visitors to the site. Chris from Standard Electric wanted a website that he could be proud to show his existing and potential clients, rather than an out-dated site he hoped they’d never find by searching Google.

Based on the amount of content on the client’s existing site, our recommendation was to approach it as a single page site with anchor links that automatically scroll to the corresponding content sections on the page. This approach was great for aesthetic and layout, and allowed us to apply a very modern design to the site, despite the lack of extensive copy and other content.

After Discovery, we set out to prototype the clients one page site. Artwork curation and collaboration with the client on content layout were the only really critical pieces to this process, so we finished this one in under 90 days, and the client was satisfied with the product we delivered just before Thanksgiving.